Roommate Program



This program is completely optional but provides an opportunity to save money on lodging by connecting you with a roommate to share hotel costs.  Like most fire service conferences, at NAHRS  you will likely only be in your hotel room to sleep... Do you really want to pay full price for a room you wont use much? Share your room and save some cash!


When you register for NAHRS just check the Roommate box! After that, you will receive an email assigning you a roommate for the event. You and your roommate can then book your room and share the expenses.  If you've already registered and want to participate, just shoot us an email and let us know!  

SIDE NOTE - We have no idea who the guys are in the photo on this page... We stole it off the internet... If you are one of these guys, hit us up and your registration for NAHRS is on the house & we will introduce you at the opening ceremony ;)