2020 - Classes Offered

Each participant may attend any three of the listed courses!

CLASS 101 - Taught by Randy Schmitz

Big Rig H.O.T.S.

Big Rig HOTS This learning symposium will provide an opportunity for firefighters to participate in and witness extremely complicated large vehicle extrications. Including B-train Rollover onto multiple vehicles, Advanced School bus scenarios, Under- rides and Over-turns involving tractor trailers and passenger vehicles etc. Participants of this symposium will have the opportunity to be involved in workshops that demonstrate “Advanced Stabilization & Extrication Techniques” using heavy duty struts, 6 x 6 cribbing, Hydro fusion lifting devices, lift bags and heavy wreckers. Many emergency departments, as a result of the Advanced Heavy Rescue course, will benefit from the new techniques learned and tools used to improve their rescue skills and pre-hospital care management.

CLASS 102 - Taught by Todd Taylor

Heavy Rescue for Real World Incidents

Using a mixture of classroom and hands on training this class will introduce the student to actual incidents from the roadway. Students will be tasked in eight different pits. These include extrication on semi or other large vehicles. A rolled over van trailer on top of cars, the student will have to tunnel through the trailer to get to the car. Various stabilization and lifting stations. Along with working with heavy wreckers and new extrication techniques and equipment. This class will be fast paced and contain a lot of heavy work to be performed by the student. The instructors will present real world scenarios and allow the students to work through the problem to learn how to beat handle the incident.

CLASS 103 - Taught by Kristian Johanson

Extrication on a Rope

Extrication in a high and low angle environment can prove to be a challenge.  In the class, students will perform extrications while suspended on rope in a high angle environment and secured on a rope in a low angle environment all the while tending to the patient, equipment, and the challenges of protecting the environment.

CLASS 104 - Taught by Robert Wagner

Tactical Medic Extrication

Tactical Medic Extrication will explore the interface of patient care and vehicle rescue. It will include a healthy mix of extrication techniques and patient management decisions. Topics such as rapid extrication techniques, impalements, mass casualty & triage, collapse, and prolonged extrication treatment will be covered. A U.S. Air Force PJ will cover minimalistic rescue techniques with high fidelity manikins. A United States Secret Service Agent with the HAMMER Team will provide a tactical extrication component. This will be an ideal class for FEMA US&R Medical Specialists, special operations medics, tactical paramedics, and anyone charged with medically managing patients at extrication scenes. This course will also meet and exceed the standard tourniquet-use course with an anticipated partnership with the Stop the Bleed Campaign and instruction provided by a nationally acclaimed wilderness medicine expert.

CLASS 105 - Taught by Heath Haywood

Structural Extrication 

We’ve spent years working vehicle vs vehicle accidents. But, what happens when the vehicle hits a structure? Or worse, the structure hits the vehicle(collapse)? This class goes in depth with the principles of structural shoring and extrication. Students will be pushed both mentally and physically by some of the most challenging scenarios they have ever dreamed of.

CLASS 106 - Taught by Jason Defosse

Advanced Rapid Response

This action packed course includes the following:
Scene Size-Up / Scene Safety
Team Tasks
Late Model Airbag Systems
Modern Vehicle Construction 
Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
Understanding Advanced Steels (Boron & More)
Rapid Techniques With Late Model Vehicles
Rapid Stabilization using Struts
Hydraulic / Battery Power Tool Use

When the patients condition is rapidly decreasing, I will be sharing with the firefighters my top techniques and extrication tactics to shave mins of the overall rescue time.

CLASS 107 - Taught by Steve Jason

Extrication Confined

Students will be presented with difficult challenges dealing with heavy pins in tight areas such as in ditches and trenches as well as under concrete and trees. These challenges will be overcome by Street smart outside the box thinking.

CLASS 108 - Taught by Toot Lee

Patient Vehicle Movement

Our class will consist of moving vehicles that we have always been told to never move! We will show students how to safely move vehicles during a pin job to help speed up the over all extrication time! We will move vehicles from around trees, (Roof resting, side impacts). We will move vehicles from up against Jersey walls, under rides, and over rides. Our class will show students how to move vehicles with spreaders, rams, Grip Hoist, come alongs, struts, and car dollies, and back boards. After vehicles are moved students will then begin the extrication process. MOVEMENT IN A CONTROLLED FASHION will be our main focus!!

CLASS 109 - Taught by Carlos Navarro - Presented in Spanish & English

Rescate con Vehiculos Pesados

Rescue with Heavy Vehicles

En este entrenamiento podras adquirir la habilidad y destreza para realizar rescates en camiones de carga y autobuses, con los escenarios reales donde pondras conocer la anatomía vehicular, calcular cargas, levantamiento y estabilización con técnicas avanzadas.

In this training you will be able to acquire the skills to carry out rescues in trucks and buses, with the real scenarios where you will get to know the vehicle anatomy, calculate loads, lifting and stabilization with advanced techniques.

CLASS 110 - Taught by Jarvis Bedford

Floor Flap & Side Impact

Cross ramming. Remove unibody floor pan to create large hole. (MORE TO COME)

CLASS 111 - Mike Huffman

Hand Tool Extrication

Maximum hands-on training takes you through modern extrication practices using non-hydraulic rescue tools. This class covers vehicle construction, stabilization, disentanglement, and tool knowledge. Scenario based evolutions give the student’s practical solutions for real world problems

CLASS 112 - Taught by Jeff Hakola

A Methodical Approach to Heavy Rescue

This class covers all types of different lifts, and stabilization techniques to tackle the most difficult scenarios involving commercial vehicles. We will use airbags, cushions, hydrafusions, bottle jacks, griphoists to give you the most options available. You will learn the on board systems of commercial vehicles and see how to take advantage of them. Getting to know your tow operator is a station we focus highly on to better understand their capabilities to achieve successful lifts. This is a 2 day all hands on course.

CLASS 113 - Taught by Matt Antolino 

School Bus Rescue & Extrication

Nearly half a million school buses transport 26 million children every day through every community in the country. School bus accidents involve our most precious commodity which we all strive to protect, children.  Due to the high profile and attention these accidents often gain; responders can never train enough to be prepared when the time comes to rescue our children.       With a variety of scenarios and tool labs this course will provide specialized training for the unique challenges these vehicles present when involved in motor vehicle collisions. This course is taught with a cumulative approach, pertinent classroom information will be presented for use throughout the course; focused training will occur during the morning session during hands on training, and the afternoon session will be real world, full scale scenarios.       This course is designed to challenge even the most veteran rescue technicians, while still allowing for instruction of those new to extrication. All participants will gain significant experience in a variety of scenarios and use of standard and "outside the box" tools. 

CLASS 114 - Taught by Dalan Zartman

Water Based Extrication


Every Firefighter’s district presents the opportunity for a vehicle that ends up in a body of water. As rescuers, you will be facing one of the most difficult and unique extrications you may face in your career. Developing the necessary techniques and experience to pull this off are essential to performing under pressure. This demanding course is designed to prepare rescuers for the intense challenges of water based extrication. Vehicles will be placed in a variety of water bodies simulating different water conditions and vehicle positions. Dalan Zartman and his team of Rescue Methods Instructors will bring their global experience in tech rescue to work side by side with rescuers to apply tools and techniques with limited visibility and difficult access to rapidly remove would be victims. Objectives include vehicle stabilization and lifting from remote access points, Low Pressure Air Bag Operations, Rapid Extrication Techniques and Tool Selection, Boat based access, Moving Water Access, and victim extrication and movement. This will be the most in depth offering of this type of course in US history. Only at NAHRS!!  

CLASS 115 -Taught by Brian Robinson

Farm and Machinery Rescue

Farm and Machinery incidents occur around us every day…from the family farm/ranch, the 18th hole of the golf course, construction sites, or even on our roadways. The Farm/Machinery Rescue Course is designed to introduce the emergency responder to various situations and hazards related to farm and heavy equipment accidents. This course focuses on a wide variety of topics including hazard identification, available resources,  stabilization of tractor overturns with entrapment, auger entrapment, equipment stabilization/disassembly, in addition to,  the techniques and tools used to mitigate such incidents are some of the topics addressed. Utilizing a mixture of classroom and field exercises, this course is designed to enhance the responders' capabilities and efficiency when faced with such incidents. Through scenario based training, students will have to utilize "outside the box" approaches and tools to mitigate the tasks at hand. Tractor overturns, equipment disassembly, controlled movement and lifting, and alternative approaches to common extrication tasks are all covered in this challenging course. Great for the seasoned extrication tech or the newer tech wishing to advance their skill set, the Farm and Machinery Rescue Course covers the entire spectrum.